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Chasin' Warren is a new web series about you, your money, and chasing your dreams.

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"Sharpen Your Reward" - Find out what it takes to grow your own business as a young entrepreneur. Learn the basics of risk and reward.

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You will see a new episode every month, right here on Next month is all about supply and demand.

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Give your child the gift that keeps on giving with a new UGMA/UTMA account through tastyrade! Visit the Get Trading page on for more details.

Parents & Chasin’ Warren - Working Together

As parents, we want our children to grow up to be smart and successful in all aspects of life, including money and finances. Kids who learn about the financial world around them grow up to be confident adults who are in control of their finances and empowered to make intelligent decisions about money and investments. That’s what Chasin’ Warren is all about.

What We’re Doing

Chasin’ Warren can help teach your kids to become financially literate with engaging, informative videos and hands-on tools in a safe, commercial-free environment. And we make finance fun! Through shows that both adults and children will enjoy, they’ll learn the answers to questions like:

Through our shows and the Chasin’ Warren website, we will expand the financial literacy of our kids and our future generations.

What You Can Do With Your Child

We have some great tools coming soon! You and your child will be able to work together on the Chasin’ Warren site to find and track the stocks of companies and products they’re familiar with, apply the concepts they’re learning to real life scenarios to cement their growing knowledge, and for now, you can watch archives of shows keeping the information fresh. And don’t be embarrassed if you learn something new yourself!

What You Can Do

In a special collaborative effort, we’ve teamed up with our preferred broker, to offer a very special promotion for anyone who opens a new UGMA/UTMA account through the tastytrade kids ‘Get Trading’ link at UGMA (Uniform Gift to Minors)/UTMA accounts let you trade on your children’s behalf. Our kids may not be quite ready to make investments decisions on their own yet, but they can watch as you do it – for their benefit! And there’s no better way for our kids to learn than watching a parent.

If you open a UGMA/UTMA account through the ‘Get Trading’ link, you will be provided a special code for your child to log into the Chasin’ Warren site and create their own username and password.

What's New!

  • After your child creates their username and password, they are able to build a stock wish list and portfolio on Glitter.
  • You as a parent are able to send virtual gift messages from the tastytrade site to your child on the Chasin' Warren site informning them of a particular stock symbol that you bought shares of in the new UGMA/UTMA account you've opened for them. It allows you to control how much information you want to communicate about the gift to them and it provides them with the hands-on learning that we all know is incredibly valuable.
  • Your kids can follow the cast blogs of Axel, Olivia and Freddie as they learn more on their financial adventures.
  • Stay tuned for what's to come...

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